Ez Rider Ride-on Cars Logo
EZ Riders Ride-on Cars Sell Sheet
Happy Trails Animal Rockers Logo
Happy Trail Animal Rockers Sell Sheet
Super Bright LED Lights Logo
Super Bright LED Lights Sell Sheet
Trademark Tools Logo
Trademark Tools Sell Sheet
Trademark Games Sell Sheet
Product Line Promotional & Marketing Development

Ps :: Ai

These projects were developed as promotional materials for previously unbranded products so that their value would be increased and they could be presented to potential buyers in a concise manner.

Working with the sales and marketing departments along with other designers I developed logo treatments for each new brand. Following the completion of the logo designs Jason Pavlik (Senior Graphic Designer) and I produced sell sheets used for both print and online promotional efforts.

Our company has routinely surpassed our sales goals and these newly branded product lines have been credited as a part of that success.
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